Making histories visible

Introduction – Museum Collaborations

During the past nine years, we have worked closely with a number of museums and galleries to highlight through the installation of new artwork specific but neglected aspects of their collections. In doing so we have assisted in the development of their strategies for broadening participation.

We are interested in initiating ways of communicating and developing ideas with diverse audiences and artists around temporary exhibitions, collection displays, and public events.

As an integral part of past collaborations, we have offered exhibition tours, illustrated lectures, the sharing of contextual materials. We encourage opportunities for audiences to network with artists and curators.

We work on a continuous basis with museums building innovative projects around audience development, site coordination, archive intervention and social and political balance in purchasing

Having worked with several museums (Tate the V&A, St Jorgens, The Bowes, The Hatton, The Harris and more recently Lancashire Museums Service, Manchester Museums Service and Liverpool Museums Service) on research projects directly concerned with artists from the black diaspora. We are constantly in demand to develop work with a number of nationally based internationally recognized organizations. This work is at its most effective as live and experiential, as exhibitions, small displays, web-based interactions, family or children’s events, scholarly symposia, and accessible DVD /text publications.

We always demand and often achieve open access to the workings of each organization, including visitor information, archive and collection resources, display and exhibition space. We are able to access the long-standing expertise of marketing and publicity teams, audience development and education teams as well as senior curators and project managers within the service.

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